Restasis Eye Drops

Restasis eye drops help the eyes in their ‘natural ability to create tears’. These eye drops are very useful in treating chronic irritation of the eyes. The drops contain cyclosporine opthalmalic emulsion and are approved by the FDA. These eye drops are an ongoing therapy and it usually takes up to four weeks of using them to stimulate the tear glands to produce enough tears. Physicians advise that the drops should be used for three to six months when hoping to achieve maximum results. These drops are to be adopted twice a day with the two applications being twelve hours apart. These eye drops come in a single use dropper and therefore the risk of infection is minimized.

Restasis cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion helps in increasing the tear production of the eyes and therefore helps fight not only problems like dry eyes but also several other chronic irritation of the eyes by ensuring that the eye balls are periodically cleaned by the tear production. Restasis cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion however, does not work in cases where the patient is using topical steroid eye drops or for that matter tear duct plugs.

Restasis eye irritation solution is the best one in the market, since it does much more than offer only temporary relief. Many patients who suffer from problems like dry eyes tend to buy over the counter eye drops in the hope of treating the problem. These eye drops do nothing to enhance the natural ability of the tear glands and only offer temporary symptomatic relief by lubricating the eyes. Restasis eye irritation solution works on the tear glands and ensures that they produce more tears, which in turn help fight not only dry eyes but also other chronic eye ailments.

These eye drops are most effective in treating keratitis sicca. Here the patient’s natural ability to produce tears is significantly diminished and this causes itchy eyes that burn, and are sometimes sensitive to light too. Some patients also complain of pain, blurry vision and even a discharge from their eyes. Strangely the eyes water drastically during this problem and if ignored it could even lead to vision loss. Aging, hormonal changes and environmental factors and even not blinking enough, can cause the problem. The most effective treatment here are the Restasis drops.

When using Restasis eye drops do ensure that your hands are clean and that your eyes are free of makeup in order to reap the advantages of the medication optimally.

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