Skin Rash Chronic Irritation

Skin RashEven if skin rashes are a seemingly small problem, they can lead to severe complications if ignored. These problems are sometimes also indicative of life threatening ailments like cancer. These rashes can occur on any part of the body and it is very important to decipher the type of rash in order to seek the proper treatment for it. Right from allergies, bacterial infections to even heredity, almost anything can cause a skin rash. The nature of the rash and its cause can be identified by assessing the physical appearance of the rash and the sensation that it causes in the afflicted area.

Eczema and scabies are one of the most common rashes that affect the skin. While the former is caused due to dryness of the epidermis, the latter is caused by mite infestation. Ringworms are caused by a bacterial infection and are usually identified as a round red circle on the skin. Poison ivy rash manifests itself as itchy skin rash bumps and it is a result of the skin having come in contact with a Rhus genus plant. Psoriasis is another very common rash that occurs on the skin. It is a chronic rash caused by a faulty immune system and appears as a white flaky patch that mostly affects the elbows, keens or the scalp.

When looking for a permanent cure for this skin rash chronic irritation, it is imperative to seek a diagnosis since the cause of the problem will decide the path of the treatment. In some cases doctors may even undertake a biopsy of the area in order to be sure of the cause behind the rash. Thankfully most of these rashes are curable and do not take more than a few weeks.

There is a rather large variety of red skin rash causes and therefore each rash has its own unique treatment. So while poison ivy will be treated with a topical steroid, an outbreak of scabies demands a lotion designed to terminate mites. Hives are treated mostly with anti allergies and ringworms will require oral medication too. Eczema on the other hand is a skin problem that requires one to undergo a lifestyle change over and above medications.

Following a few prevention techniques works to keep these rashes at bay. Like in the case of athletes’ foot, it will help to sun the feet and dry them often. Maintaining a good hygiene level will go a long way in keeping rashes of the skin at bay, though some rashes may appear despite cleanliness.

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